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Preparing, Partnering, and Potentially Purchasing

Project Development
Project development involves planning, organizing, and implementing activities to achieve project goals and deliver successful outcomes.
Feasibility Studies
Feasibility studies assess the viability of projects, considering factors such as cost, market potential, and risks for informed decision-making
Investment Consulting
Investment consulting guides clients with expertise, tailored advice, and strategies, helping them make informed decisions for financial success.

Next Generation Projects

Succession problems are a significant challenge for business owners. Delaying or overlooking the planning for future leadership can lead to uncertainty, conflicts, and declining performance.

The solution lies in proactive succession planning. Nurturing potential successors, providing growth opportunities, and clear communication are key. Mentorship programs and a culture of collaboration enhance success.

This approach ensures continuity, stability, and sustainable growth.

David Ravenscroft - Founder
Dave Ravenscroft

About NGP

Welcome to NGP. If you’re a business owner looking to sell your business in the next 1 to 3 years, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in preparing businesses for sale, ensuring that you receive the maximum value for your hard work and dedication.

But here’s the exciting part – not only are we experts in preparing businesses for sale, but we also have an extensive network of buyers. In some cases, we may be interested in buying your business ourselves. We’re not just your typical agency, we’re a consultancy and a potential buyer as well. This unique perspective allows us to offer tailored guidance and solutions for your business sale.

Our team understands that selling a business can be a daunting process, but fear not! We’ve been in your shoes. In fact, our founder recently sold his own business, so we truly understand the challenges and emotions you may be experiencing. That’s why we’re here to offer our support, expertise, and insider knowledge to ensure a successful and rewarding sale experience.

So whether you’re looking for a trusted partner to guide you through the selling process or are open to the possibility of selling your business to us, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to take the first step towards a profitable and seamless business sale.

Our Network

We are proud of the connections and strong relationships we have nurtured with other business leaders with whom we collaborate and work. Here’s a selection:



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